Welcome to DanKorn.com.  I'm Dan, and this is my homepage.

(No, I'm not a corporation, despite the .com domain.  It just sounds good.)
(And no, I'm not in the band Korn either, but I think they should give me some royalties.)

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This is how to beat high gas prices:
Gassing up the H2

Suckered on the South Side:
The last ride of the Contusionator

Have you seen this bike?
You don't have to be Superman to ride a bike!

Look, up in the sky!  It's a bird, it's a plane! 
No, that's just me on my tall bike, the Contusionator, at the Chicago Critical Mass Halloween ride. 
Beware my Super Heat Vision!  More pictures.

Unfortunately, the Contusionator was stolen after the June 25th Critical Mass ride. But never fear....

Meet my new tall bike, the H2!
There's nothing like the style and comfort of the H2!

This site is currently under development.  (Aren't they all?)

Here are a few links to things that are cool
(they're cool because I said so; get your own web page if you don't like it!):
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and Critical Mass Flyers
The Derailleur
Rat Patrol

CCM3K Flyer
2004 Chicago Auto Show Protest Resources
2004 World Naked Bike Ride Chicago Resources

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